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Blog Posts in March, 2017

How LED Lighting Can Protect Your Artwork

If you cherish your framed prints and other art pieces, you may want to talk to your electrician about creating an art-safe lighting design for your home. While traditional CFL lights can damage works ...
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Advice for Picking the Right Generator

If you want to make sure that your home’s electrical system stays running during the next big power outage, it may be time to think about investing in a generator. With assistance from an ...
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Energy-Saving Tips for Businesses

When you operate your own business, it is important to take all of the steps possible to reduce your overhead expenses. Electrical bills can be a major expense for businesses of every size. With ...
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Why Your Business Needs Generator Power

Power outages result from a variety of causes, but they can always have a serious impact on your company’s operations. Are you a business owner? If so, then continue reading to learn why it ...
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