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Installing, Maintaining, and Inspecting Generators

Generators provide an electrical safety net in the event of a power loss. Whether you want to shield your home or your commercial property from power outages, a generator can provide peace of mind and protection for valuable appliances or goods. Provident Electric is pleased to provide generator repair serving Frederick, in addition to electrical repair service of all kinds to keep your home or business running smoothly. Whether you have question about what generator size you should get for the amount of power you would like to use, or if you need us to take a look at an existing generator, call us to speak to a professional about your commercial or home generator.

Top Reasons to Install a Commercial or Home Generator

A backup generator can reduce lost time and lost money during a power outage of any kind. Let us help you pick the perfect generator size to make sure you maintain utility during a power outage. There are many reasons to consider generator installation for your home or business.

  • One of the main reasons that homes and businesses install backup generators is for protection during a storm or power outage. In some cases, you may simply want the convenience of continued electrical power when your city’s service is out. If you have sensitive equipment or products that require consistent electrical power, a generator can also prevent the loss of equipment, electronics, or stock.
  • When considering your backup generator options, it’s important to keep in mind that permanently-installed standby generators have longer running times and typically greater power generation capabilities than portable generators. Natural gas-powered generators can provide power as long as you need it, whether you need it for an hour or a week.
  • Backup generators can protect your home or business from other disasters, such as floods, by keeping essential devices like sump pumps ready to run. This can be particularly beneficial in a storm, when power outages are often associated with other severe weather as well.

Caring for Your Generator

Once you’ve installed a backup generator on your property, maintaining it will ensure it is ready to provide the power you need at a moment’s notice. Your licensed electrician can help you with generator repair and general maintenance to help you get the most from this important investment. A generator should be started and run regularly to prevent corrosion and ensure every component is still functioning properly. Many fixed generators can be programmed to run a self-test once a month—talk to your electrician about how to test your generator. Your generator should also be serviced by a licensed electrician one to two times each year. This service includes cleaning, starting, and an inspection of all components to check for problems that may be brewing and address them before you need your generator to work during an outage.

Provident Electric’s electrical contractors specialize in all types of electrical service and electrical repairs to meet your every need. You can reach an electrician serving Frederick for help choosing, installing, or maintaining a generator for your property at (301) 620-2227.

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