• Blowing a Fuse: What Homeowners Need to Know

    Your home’s electricity provides convenience and helps keep your family comfortable, and maintaining your electrical system can be important for enjoying better safety and uninterrupted power. One common problem that homeowners encounter is a blown fuse. Continue reading to learn several things that your local electrician serving Frederick would want you to know about blowing a fuse. Blowing a fuse

    The Basics of Electrical Fuses

    Many people don’t realize that fuses are safety devices designed to help prevent electrical shocks and electrical fires. Fuses are made with conductor strips that melt and cut the electrical circuit when more amperage than they’re designed to handle runs through or an overcurrent occurs. Electrical fuses come in 2 varieties: plug and cartridge. A plug fuse resembles a light bulb, and newer models of these fuses have embedded glass that indicates if the fuse is blown or damaged. A cartridge fuse is thin and cylindrical, featuring contact points at both ends.

    The Causes of Blown Fuses

    While there are a number of problems that can lead to a blown fuse, one of the most common causes seen by electricians is the use of too many electric devices in one area. Often, when called for electrical repairs, electricians find that a circuit is overloaded because too many items are drawing power from a single socket. If you have noticed one fuse blowing repeatedly, then this can indicate that there are too many items plugged into sockets in the area.

    The Fixes for a Blown Fuse

    If you are dealing with a blown fuse, then one of the quickest ways to restore power to your items is to unplug a few of the devices. To help determine what is overloading the circuit, it can help to work backward and unplug one item at a time, starting with the most recent addition. If you have a breaker box, then move the breaker from the “off” to the “on” position. If you have a fuse box, then carefully disable and replace the fuse using dry hands and while standing on dry ground. If the fuse blows again, then contact an electrician.

  • Commercial Construction Checklist

    Are you in the process of planning new construction for your building? If so, then learning about what’s included in an electrical inspection checklist should be part of this process. When working with a commercial electrical contractor serving Frederick, keep in mind the following, which are typical elements of a checklist for new commercial electrical wiring : Energy-saving tips for business in Frederick

    Wiring Methods

    Wiring methods refer to things like the bonding of frames, fittings, enclosures, cable sheaths, and cable trays where necessary to ensure safe conductivity and electrical continuity. Another example of a wiring method would be the reduction of electrical noise of grounding circuits, where necessary.

    Wiring Devices

    Your checklist for the new construction’s electrical wiring will include any devices, such as the cutout boxes and cabinets, boxes and conduit bodies, and all receptacles and switches.

    Feeders, Services, and Branch Circuits

    Part of the commercial construction checklist involves looking at and inspecting all feeders, services, and branch circuits that are part of the wiring.

    All Rooms of the Building

    Ensuring that your new construction’s electrical system is properly wired throughout all rooms of the new building is an important part of your commercial construction checklist.

    Grounding and Bonding

    Every electrical system requires bonding and grounding, so the checklist should include equipment and services related to these 2 factors.

    Special Occupancy Needs

    If your electrician will be installing any electrical equipment in addition to the normal electrical system, such as some types of health and recreational equipment, then these fall under special occupancy needs.

    Exterior Systems

    The exterior systems include electrical wiring that powers items like spas, swimming pools, hot tubs, and any outdoor electrical outlets. Also, any secondary buildings will be inspected.

    Remote Control Systems

    Does your new construction include features like fiber optic cables, signage, or commercial lighting? If so, then these fall under the category of remote controlled systems.

    Emergency Systems

    The emergency systems of your new construction’s electrical wiring include generators, standby systems, and other emergency systems that the electrician may need to install.

  • Diagnosing Your Home Energy Use

    When it comes to recessed lighting installation , hiring an experienced electrician who knows how to minimize air leaks during the process is important for avoiding high energy bills. If you’re on the hunt for more energy saving tips in Frederick, then your electrician will tell you that you may benefit from taking a closer look at your home energy usage to determine your household’s greatest areas for improvement. Watch this video to learn about diagnosing your home’s energy use.

    Even a fully insulated house can suffer from air leaks and high heating and cooling costs, and one critical part of the home energy audit process is checking the building for drafts and leaks that allow conditioned air to escape outside. In addition to recessed lighting fixtures, windows and doors are common problem areas for air leakage.

  • Are You Eligible for an LED Rebate?

    When asked for energy saving tips , electricians in Frederick often recommend the installation of LED lighting. LED bulbs provide more light than incandescent bulbs while using less energy, and they also last far longer. For these reasons, LED lights offer business owners a great way to save money when it comes to lighting, and more and more people are installing recessed lighting and other features that make use of energy-efficient LEDs.

    Besides helping save you money on your monthly energy bill, having an electrician install LED lighting in your building may also qualify you for rebates. There is a range of LED lighting rebates available, and the most common ones are for commercial retrofitting, commercial new construction, and custom and prescriptive options.

    LED lighting is highly versatile and ideal for everything from mood lighting in a living room to effective lighting for a fast-paced work environment. LED lighting can quality you for rebates, is long-lasting, and saves energy, so consider installing LED bulbs in your home or business.

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