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If you’re like most home or business owners, then you realize how valuable energy saving tips can be when it comes to reducing your environmental impact and lowering your utility costs. If you’re planning to hire a certified electrician near Frederick to perform an energy audit, then there are several things that you can expect during this service.

The man checking building electricity at Frederick, MD

Home Evaluation

To begin the audit, the auditor will conduct an inspection of your home or building’s exterior to determine its size, layout, number of windows, and other features that can affect energy usage. The auditor may also inspect the physical condition, efficiency, and programming of your property’s primary mechanical systems that rely on electricity. Lastly, he may use tools like efficiency meters and infrared cameras to identify any energy weaknesses that may be present.

Behavioral Evaluation

While the structure of your building and the efficiency of its systems have a significant impact on how much energy it requires to function, the behavioral tendencies of your staff or family are also important. As part of the audit, the electrician will probably conduct a behavioral screening that focuses on the habits of the people that live or work in the building. This part of the audit will factor in how many hours people spend indoors, how frequently lights and electronics are left on, and in what ways the thermostat settings are adjusted.

Audit Conclusion

Choosing to have your home or business undergo a professional energy audit is an excellent way for you to learn more about your energy usage and to determine ways in which you can decrease your utility bills along with your carbon footprint. With the conclusion of the audit, the electrician will provide you with a comprehensive list of improvements for you to consider that can help you save money and energy in the long run. Also, he will let you know if you qualify for any rebates or incentive programs or inform you of any changes that need to be made for you to do so.