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Larry Touchet

Larry Touchet

Owner, Master Electrician

Larry is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but has been in Maryland for over 25 years. His passion for our company is unrivaled in the industry, and has been since opening Provident in 2002. Aside from his position as owner and master electrician, Larry oversees field operations, up to and including estimating on and off the field. Larry’s primary goal for his business is to provide a work environment for his employees that builds upon their strengths and allows them to grow in the areas they desire. In his spare time, Larry enjoys fishing, assistant-coaching his sons’ baseball teams, traveling to sunny places, and spending quality time with his family.

Patricia Touchet

Patricia Touchet

Executive Director

Patricia, or Patti, has roots right here in the Old Line State. Born and raised in Montgomery County, Patti has been with the family business since inception. Prior to coming onboard full time in 2012, she managed the financial and licensing areas of the business in the evenings while working full time as a compliance professional in the securities industry. Patti oversees several internal operations, including HR, finance, compliance, commercial project management, and company policies and procedures. On a day off of work, you can find her running her three boys to sports practice or friends’ houses, enjoying Hallmark movies, or indulging in a glass or two of her current choice of wine.

front pic of Elizabeth Davis

Elizabeth Davis

Project Manager, Generators

Liz Davis joined Provident Electric with 15+ years of project management experience in the electrical trade industry. She has a strong foundation in running and successfully completing projects with exceptional attention to detail and a high aim for client satisfaction. Liz manages our generator installation projects from start-to-finish with finesse. A few of Liz’s favorite things include beach vacations, family and community celebrations, and a good practical joke every now and then!

front pic of Wesley Campbell

Wesley Campbell

Commercial Division Manager

Wesley Campbell has 20+ years in the commercial electrical industry; his areas of expertise include commercial project management, estimating, and procurement. Here at Provident, Wes manages the operations within our commercial projects division. He works with our commercial technicians and office to ensure our projects are executed in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner. Wes loves spending time with his wife and children outside of work, as well as fan-boying over Wu-Tang Clan and sustaining himself on black coffee and 5-hour energy bottles.

front pic of Zach Gladden

Zach Gladden

Estimator & Project Manager, Commercial

Zach Gladden, a seasoned journeyman by trade, has been managing projects onsite as a superintendent for many years. He now estimates and manages our commercial projects from within the office, working closely with our technicians and clients to ensure we consistently exceed expectations. Zach is known for his calm, focused approach to commercial project management. Personally, he enjoys hiking, watching the Caps play, and spending time with his wife and kids.

front pic of Cassidy Mazer

Cassidy Mazer

Permit Specialist

Cassidy Mazer specializes in coordinating the permits and inspections for all three of our company divisions. Building relationships is her strong suit, as she navigates the jurisdictional permitting and inspection offices in over a dozen counties and multiple states that Provident services. Cassidy is a horse lover and a newlywed, and enjoys spending time with her husband, their fur babies Bella and Moose, and the rest of her family.

front pic of Cassandra Lancaster

Cassandra Lancaster

Coordinator, Residential

Cassandra Lancaster comes from a solid background in residential construction office management. A traveler by heart and native Canadian, Cassandra has gathered an immense amount of experience with the internal operations necessary to effectively run a construction firm. Here at Provident, she is responsible for scheduling and coordinating with our technicians and customers for our residential client projects and services. Outside of Provident, Cassandra has dedicated 36 years to fitness, including providing personal training to others. She also enjoys crocheting and watching good action movies.

front pic of Jeremy Wolfe

Jeremy Wolfe

Residential Division Manager

Jeremy Wolfe brings over 16 years of electrical experience to our clients and company. Over the course of his career, he has worked his way from a helper to an exceptional leader, not just by the superior quality of his work, but by the drive and ethic in his heart. Here at Provident, Jeremy manages the projects and technicians in our residential division. Our clients are in great hands under his care, and our technicians have a leader who is positive, determined, and encourages their growth on a daily basis. In his time away from the office, Jeremy thrives on spending quality time with his wife and children. He also enjoys being closely involved with his kids’ school activities, going to amusement parks, cooking, and fishing.

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