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Eco-Friendly EV Charging Installation in Frederick, MD

Have you traded in your inefficient gas vehicle for an environmentally friendly electric vehicle? Provident Electric provides EV charging station installation in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Germantown, Westminster, and Middletown, MD. As electric cars become more and more popular, municipalities and companies are helping to build the necessary infrastructure to help keep electric vehicles on the road. Our team has been at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry and provides EV charging installation in homes, businesses, and even government buildings. Be part of the change in your community. Learn more about the benefits of EV charging stations, and contact our team to schedule your installation.

electrician working on red wiring

What Is an EV Charging Station?

Electric vehicles do not use gasoline as a fuel source. Instead, they rely on electricity to power them. While it’s possible to charge an EV using a standard 110-volt outlet, EV charging stations are designed specifically to maximize the charging capabilities to provide better mileage while saving you time. At Provident Electric, we offer installation for commercial, residential, and municipal customers. Often, these charging stations can fully charge the vehicle much faster than a standard outlet. Discover why more and more drivers are choosing electric cars:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Save Money On Fuel Costs
  • Decrease Noise Pollution
  • Reduce Maintenance
  • Tax Benefits to Drivers
  • Reliable Vehicles
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Do I Need an EV Charging Installation for My Home?

As electric vehicle technology continues to improve, more and more drivers are noticing the benefits to both themselves and the environment. However, EV owners’ biggest obstacle is the ability to charge their vehicles. Most mass-produced EVs include a Level 1 charging station that can be plugged directly into a standard outlet in your home. They don’t typically provide enough power to charge your vehicle efficiently. Many drivers choose to upgrade their at-home electric vehicle charging stations. However, it does require a skilled and experienced electrician for installation. Discover the benefits of installing and upgrading your at-home EV charging station:

  • Convenience
  • Cost Savings
  • Increase Home’s Value
  • Extends Battery Life
  • Safety

Should My Business Install an EV Charging Station?

Electrician at home owners door smiling

Business owners throughout Maryland are choosing to expand their business by installing EV charging stations. If you’re interested in becoming a local leader, we can assist with commercial-grade EV charging installation. Whether you’re considering just a single charging station as a trial run or are fully committed to installing multiple charging stations throughout your parking lot, we’re the team you can trust. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle any size charging station installation project. Discover how a commercial charging station can help bring value to your business and community:

  • Commitment to Clean Energy – Sustainability is at the top of mind for many companies. EV charging station installation is one of the easiest ways to reduce your business’s carbon footprint while helping to benefit your customers.
  • Attract Customers – Become a planned stop for electric vehicle drivers on long or short trips. Many EV drivers use apps to find commercial charging stations. Installing an EV charging station is a great way to promote brand awareness.
  • Generate Revenue – Charging an electric vehicle typically takes about 15 minutes. During that time, the driver while find something to do. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, shopping center, or retail location, you can help get new and returning customers through the door. 

What Type of EV Charging Station Is Right for My Property?

There are numerous different types of EV charging stations designed to power electric vehicles. Each level provides increased charging outputs. Understanding the capabilities of each type of EV charger level ensures you select the right one for your needs. You can count on our trained and experienced professionals to provide high-quality installation services for your EV charging station. We can guide you through the process to ensure you receive the one you need. Learn more about the types of charging stations we can install:

Level 1 Charging Station

Level 1 charging stations are generally included in the purchase of your electric vehicle. They are specifically designed to plug into a typical home outlet, allowing you to charge your vehicle in your home. However, their low power means they typically take the longest to charge your EV fully. Our team can ensure your electrical panel can handle the increased power draw.

Level 2 Charging Station

A Level 2 charging station is the most convenient option if you're driving a fully electric vehicle. Level 2 charging stations connect to a 220-volt outlet, like the ones used by your home's dryer. Our team can inspect your home's wiring system to ensure it can power your Level 2 charging station. We can install the proper outlet.

Level 3 Charging Station

Level 3 EV charging stations are installed in commercial spaces such as cinemas, gas stations, retail shops, restaurants, and government buildings. They provide the fastest available charge. However, they are not recommended for residential use as they require a lot of power.

What Are the Incentives for Installing an EV Charging Station?

Local and federal governments acknowledge electric vehicles’ positive impact on the community and environment, which is why they offer numerous tax incentives for individuals and companies that support their usage. What does that mean for you? You may be eligible for money back when you install an EV charging station for residential or commercial use. Our team has experience and knowledge of these incentives and can point you in the right direction regarding how to apply for and receive these incentives:

  • Tax Credits for Businesses – If you purchase and install an EV charging station at your business, your business may receive a 30% tax credit totaling up to $30,000.
  • Individual Tax Credits – Private individuals who purchase and install an EV charging station may be eligible to receive a 30% tax credit up to $1,000. The cost must be noted on your federal tax return.
  • Tax Credits for EV Purchases – You are also eligible to receive tax credits for purchasing a qualified electric vehicle. This tax credit ranges from $2,500 to $7,500, depending on the vehicle’s specific features. You may also receive a tax credit of up to $2,500 for purchasing qualified two-wheeled electric vehicles.

What’s the EV Charging Installation Process?

At Provident Electric, our trained and experienced electricians provide EV charging installation services for home and business owners. As the infrastructure for electric vehicles continues to expand and improve, our team remains committed to helping area customers get the most from the technology. We’ve already helped numerous home and business owners throughout the area. If you’re considering installing an EV charging station in your home or commercial building, you can ask our team for assistance. Learn more about our EV charging installation process:

Inspect the Area

Whether you're a homeowner concerned with charging one vehicle or a business owner installing multiple charging stations, our team can find a convenient location. We recommend your garage, car port, or the closest to an available power source for homeowners.

Choose the Charger Type

Choosing the proper charging type for your needs is essential. A Level 2 charging station is the most convenient option for electric-only vehicle owners, while Level 3 is the best for commercial use.


Our team of trained and skilled electricians has access to the proper tools to make installation a breeze. Once we're finished, we can provide you with the information you need to maximize your tax incentive.

As a Homeowner, Can I Install My EV Charging Station?

Most homeowners are capable of installing a Level 1 EV charging station. All that is required is an available standard outlet. However, issues may arise if the breaker is already nearing capacity. If this is the case, you may need to upgrade your home’s electrical panel. Level 2 EV charging stations require a specific outlet type to operate. You can count on our knowledgeable and experienced electricians to install one in a convenient location to charge your vehicle while ensuring your breaker is producing enough power for the rest of the home.

Trust Your Local Electrician for EV Charging Installation

Now more than ever, individuals and companies throughout the area are committed to protecting the environment. The highly-trained electricians at Provident Electric provide EV charging station installation services in Frederick, Mt. Airy, Germantown, Westminster, and Middletown, MD. Whether you’re a business owner ensuring your company is future-proof or an individual simply trying to do your part to improve the environment, we’re the team you can trust. We can assess your property’s electrical capacity and recommend the correct level charging station for your needs. Home and business owners who install an EV charging station are eligible for tax incentives. Find out more today and schedule your assessment.

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