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The central point of failure in every home’s electrical wiring also serves as its most effective protection. Your home’s electrical panel is where power from the city grid enters and is split to power various rooms and circuits. It’s also where each of those circuits is safeguarded from overheating. As such, it requires a special set of skills and knowledge to install, maintain, and repair.

Provident Electric is uniquely qualified to inspect, maintain, and repair your electrical panel. If there’s a problem, our electricians will fix it; if there isn’t, we’ll make sure everything is up to code and in working condition. Throughout Frederick, MD, we deliver experienced residential electrical panel upgrades and repairs. Learn about how we can help you make the most of the electrical system in your home. When you’re ready, call us to schedule your appointment.

worker repairing electrical device

Circuit Breaker Services

We all know that overloading a circuit with too many appliances can cause the breaker to trip. Why would the breaker trip if the circuit was operating normally? The cause is a phenomenon known as runaway current.

Load rises as more appliances, devices, and connections are added to a circuit. The additional load places an increasing strain on the line. However, this is accompanied by an increase in current. Devices and wires heat up and expand as current increases. Cables pull more electricity as they heat up, forcing them to heat up even more. When this happens, it enters a state of overheating, which might result in an electrical fire. To avoid this, the breaker trips whenever the circuit’s maximum current rating is surpassed, regardless of how smoothly things are functioning at the moment.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Electrical Panel

Do you find yourself constantly going into your garage or storage area to flip your circuit breaker? It may be time to hire Provident Electric for an inspection. When you reset your circuit breaker, make sure to stay safe. Follow these tips:

  • To minimize power surges or equipment damage, switch off sensitive electronic equipment before resetting your breaker.
  • The panel cover should not be removed by untrained individuals. If any of your breakers become hot to the touch, immediately turn them off and contact our team.


A fast inspection by a professional electrician from Provident Electric will reveal whether it’s just not rated for that load or if there’s a more serious issue. We have all of the tools needed to repair a breaker box and any other electrical problems that we discover in our service vans. Otherwise, it could be time to improve your home’s circuits or build a new circuit in the room. We’ll discuss your best options based on your home’s electricity use and your budget

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Fuse boxes, an earlier technique of house protection, feature a very thin filament that vaporizes when the current becomes too high. They work in the same way as a standard circuit breaker, except instead of being reset, they must be replaced.

Fuses are equally as efficient as circuit breakers in protecting your house, but they come with their own set of concerns. If your fuses aren’t properly labeled, you can accidentally insert a fuse with a high amperage rating into the wrong circuit. If you plan to maintain your present fuse box, ensure sure you have enough extra fuses and that each circuit’s maximum amperage is properly stated. Otherwise, we’d be pleased to send one of our certified electricians to your home in Frederick to upgrade your electrical panel. For all of your household electrical requirements, we’re the ones to call.

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Whether you need repairs on your electrical panel or it’s time to install a new system, we’re the team for you. Contact Provident Electric today for a free consultation. We proudly serve Mt. Airy, Germantown, Frederick, and Westminster with our professional residential electrician services.

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