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Your establishment’s lighting plays a crucial role in its overall atmosphere. Great food, a beautiful interior, and comfortable seating can’t make up for poor lighting choices. When you’re ready to hire a commercial electrician near Frederick, there are a few guidelines to bear in mind when making lighting decisions for your restaurant.

The restaurant with Wooden table and lighting at Frederick, MD

Keep it natural.

Whether your establishment’s interior gets plenty of natural light, or if it will rely primarily on artificial lighting, combining these two sources is key to creating an appealing atmosphere. When choosing your lighting, the goal should be to emulate natural daylight as much as possible, as this is what feels most comfortable to the eye. To do this, avoid overly bright lighting and choose fixtures that replicate natural light as much as possible. Speak with your electrician about adding wiring that allows you to make the most of the natural light each area receives.

Focus on function.

A common mistake made by restaurant owners is choosing light fixtures based on their appearance, rather than what type of lighting they provide. When selecting lighting, keep in mind the precise purpose it should serve and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Be sure to choose lights that are adjustable to account for special occasions, the change in seasons, and the amount of natural lighting space gets throughout the day. Ask your electrical technician about how to get the most function out of your lighting.

Mind the time.

Each meal of the day should be considered individually when it comes to lighting. A simple way to think of it is that the lighting in your restaurant should start off bright, and taper off with later meals. For breakfast, your space should be well-lit, helping your customers to feel more awake and ready for the day ahead while reading the paper and drinking their morning coffee. Lunch should have moderate lighting, and dinners require lower lighting to allow for a relaxed and intimate ambiance. Talk to your electrician to find out more about keeping your lights adjustable.