Quick Prep Tips for Energy Audits

Energy audits are great to learn important energy-saving tips in Frederick and understand the different ways that you are using energy in your home. Your electrical contractor will offer an in-depth and complete look at how you may be gaining or losing energy and how that can affect your monthly energy bills. It is important to prepare for your upcoming energy audit to receive the most benefit from the appointment. Read on for a few tips to help you prepare.

  • Before your electrical contractor arrives, close and latch all of your windows and doors. Ensure that your window treatments are open for a better inspection.
  • Clear out any debris, belongings, and storage from your attic or crawlspace to ensure there is easy access.

Gather copies of your gas and electric bills for your home electrician to study. This information is crucial so your auditor will have the best view of your home’s energy usage.

Tips for energy audits

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