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installed recessed lighting in frederick mdLighting is equal parts function and aesthetic, and the most practical homes hit the nail on the head in both areas. If you are thinking about installing recessed lighting in Frederick, you will want to consider the purpose of your living space as well as its design. You will also need to consult a home electrician to ensure that your lighting design is safe. Read on if you are interested in picking up a few helpful design tips for your recessed lighting installation.

Consider the Sources

Your recessed lighting installations may be as complex or as simple as you want them to be. When you walk around your house and think about the way you would like light to fall within your space, consider the sources from which this light will emanate. You may want to set up a few recessed lighting fixtures above your kitchen island in addition to several others that span the perimeter of the room, or you may just want two above your kitchen sink. Make sure that you plan your lighting installation thoroughly and ensure that your lights are spaced out evenly. The light fixture itself, as the source of the light, will help to determine how you will use your space and the atmosphere that will be created.

Determine Wattage

In order to avoid an electrical nightmare, you will have to ensure that your light bulbs and your fixtures work together properly. You will also need to determine the total wattage you will need to light your room. You can do this by multiplying the area by 1.5. Divide your total wattage by the wattage of your bulbs to find out how many fixtures you need.

Go for the Dimmer

Many homeowners like to use dimmer switches in order to make their recessed lighting installations as versatile as possible. Dimmer switches allow you to achieve ultimate control over the atmosphere of your room and change the ambiance whenever the desire strikes. With these switches, you can host a holiday family feast or enjoy an intimate and romantic dinner for two in the very same location.