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The Provident Electric staff checking wiring problem at Frederick, MDAre you looking for a skilled and professional electrician serving Frederick who can help you with your commercial or residential electrical service? Look no further than Provident Electric. We are happy to serve both workplaces and homes with high-quality electrical services. Our company is dedicated to promoting safety and efficiency when it comes to electrical systems and wiring.

Improper installation or use of electrical systems may result in hazardous situations like exposed wires and electrical fires. This is why it is crucial to work with a trustworthy electrician in your area. Provident Electric has been dedicated to high-quality electrical work in Frederick for over a decade. Larry Touchet started this business out of a home garage in 2002 and focused on residential electrical services. His first phase of expansion was geared towards taking on commercial clients and building upon his services. With this expansion came a change in location, and Touchet took this opportunity to move into an office space in Frederick. Provident Electric then continued to add more employees and offer additional services. The company continues to hone its skills and expand its outreach today and is proud to be one of the most trusted residential and commercial electrical repair companies in the area.