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Provident Electric Can Help You Prepare for a Power Outage

Provident Electric is committed to helping our neighbors throughout Frederick County, MD prepare for power outages. For safety purposes, it is critical to have plans and protocols in place before, during, and after a blackout. Our family-owned and -operated company has been sharing our expertise with the community for nearly two decades. By providing exceptional customer service and high-quality electrical work, we have grown a customer base that includes residential and commercial clients. These groups and individuals trust us in their times of need. We have compiled information about what to do in a power outage in Frederick County, MD. If you have any questions after reading through our suggestions, call us to speak with a friendly representative capable of guiding you in the dark.

Power Outage Preparedness Plans

You will rarely receive any warning for a power outage. Incoming inclement weather could be a red flag, but general electrical grid problems often come as a surprise. When Frederick County, MD experiences a mass power outage, many normal operations cease. Communication, water, and transportation may be disrupted; businesses may close temporarily; and food could spoil. It is essential to prepare for such scenarios in advance. Provident Electric suggests gathering an emergency power outage kid that you can easily access in times of need. Among the items that should be included are a flashlight, batteries, enough non-perishable food to last multiple days, a radio to receive news information, and coolers in which you can store food vulnerable to spoiling. Additionally, if you require the use of any medical devices powered by electricity, you should speak to your medical provider about what to do when electricity is not an option. It is also important to prepare a pet emergency kit for your furry family members.

How to Stay Safe During a Power Outage in Frederick County

It is crucial that you do not panic during a power outage. It will pass. When the lights first go dark, investigate the situation. There may be a problem with your breaker. Check your electric panel to see if a breaker was tripped. You may be able to simply turn it back on to restore your power. If that is not the case, check with neighbors to see if their power is out too. Upon determining that the area – however localized – has a power outage, report it to the utility company so work can be initiated to restore power in the region. In the meantime, there are several measures you can take to remain safe. Provident Electric recommends turning off any appliances during the power outage, either individually or using the main circuit. When power returns, any appliances that are still on will receive a sudden surge of electricity that could cause damage.

If you have a generator, you may use it to keep various appliances and necessary devices running. But be sure to only use it outdoors and away from windows to reduce the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you are not using a generator to power your freezer or refrigerator, keep their doors closed. A refrigerator will typically keep food cold for about four hours without power, while a freezer can maintain its temperature for up to two days. If the power outage persists and you have access to ice, consider storing your perishables in coolers of ice after these time parameters. Once you have secured your home, check on neighbors if possible. Older adults and young children may need your assistance, so offer it when you can. If Frederick County experiences a power outage during extreme temperatures – hot or cold – listen for updates about community centers that may welcome guests who need relief from the elements. These locations are typically especially welcoming to the elderly, young, and individuals with medical conditions.

Things to Consider After Power is Restored

That initial resurgence of electricity is enough to delight anyone, regardless of how long power has been out. Lamps illuminate the room, the whir of an HVAC system signals pending temperature relief, and the clock on the stove starts flashing. But there are still several precautions you should take before everything returns to normal. Inspect any perishable food. If it has been exposed to temperatures over 40 degrees for more than a couple of hours or if it has an unusual smell, color, or texture, throw it away. It is also critical to discard any medication that must be refrigerated unless its label says otherwise. When in doubt, consult with your pharmacist or physician.

Contact Provident Electric with Any Preparation Questions

Power outages are inconveniences for everyone in the area. They can also be dangerous for numerous reasons. If you have any questions about how to protect you or your family during a power outage in Frederick County, MD, contact Provident Electric. Our friendly staff and electricians will help outline preparedness procedures to keep you safe.