• Can Home Automation Help You Decrease Your Energy Use?

    Reducing power usage is on the minds of many homeowners. If you’re on the hunt for energy-saving tips in Frederick , then you should consider the benefits of home automation. Today’s technology makes it simple to save on energy costs by programming your home’s electrical setup. Energy-saving tips in Frederick

    Home automation streamlines energy use.

    The average American household is inefficient when it comes to energy, and the effects of this are often reflected in monthly utility bills. Smart home technologies allow you to automate many of your home’s electrical devices, providing your family with added convenience while reducing your home’s overall energy usage. Home automation helps you eliminate errors that cause you to use more energy than you need and to control your home’s electric use while you’re away. Your electrician may be able to suggest several ways in which you can automate your home.

    Home automation comes in many forms.

    There are several simple ways to automate your home’s energy use. For example, ask your home electrician about the installation of occupancy sensors. These devices work by detecting motion, and can be programmed to turn on the lights in a room when a person enters, and to switch them off after a period of no activity. Another easy fix is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. When you can automate your home’s air conditioning to run at a higher temperature when you’re out of the house for the day, you can save a significant amount of energy by not cooling your home continuously.

    Home automation helps you address phantom energy.

    When your electronics remained plugged in, they continue to draw small amounts of power from the electrical outlet, even if not turned on or in use. This effect is often referred to as standby power, idle currents, or phantom energy, and it can add up to a significant amount of wasted power. While unplugging your devices is one way to eliminate this problem, a more convenient option is to have energy-saving surge protectors installed. Ask your electrician about your energy-efficient surge protector options.

  • Changing Recessed Light Bulbs

    Calling your local electrician and installing recessed lighting in Frederick may be an excellent choice for your home design, and it can help you achieve your desired ambiance. Light bulbs won’t last forever, though, so you will need to know how to change them out. Watch this video for a few handy tips on changing recessed light bulbs.

    You should always turn off your lights before replacing your light bulbs, whether they are recessed or not; you could burn or electrocute yourself if you forget this step. Remove any glass casing that may be covering the bulb, and then check to see if you can fit your fingers between the light bulb and the recessed space. If there is not enough room, you can use a rolled-up piece of duct tape to stick to and rotate the bulb. You can also use this technique to screw in the new bulb.

  • Maintenance Tips for Your Generator

    Frequent power outages can be extremely problematic, but a quality generator can help you keep going. If you want to make the most of your investment, you should know how to take care of your generator ; in the event that you experience problems, don’t hesitate to call for generator repair serving Frederick. A properly maintained generator can last for years, and it can keep your home electrical services operating efficiently when you need them the most. Here is a brief overview of some important maintenance tips for your generator.

    Regular and timely maintenance will keep your generator in top shape and extend its working life. The last thing you want is to realize that your generator is broken when your electricity goes out, especially if you rely on your power for work or medical equipment. Remember to give your generator a test run every now and then to make sure everything is in working order; this will allow you to catch a problem before it becomes an emergency. You should also have your electrician inspect your generator at least once per year. Certain generators can even test themselves once per month. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your generator in top shape.

    Tips for generator maintenance

  • How Automation Can Change the Way You Use Lighting in Your Home

    If you are thinking about installing recessed lighting in Frederick, you might want to consider how you can benefit from lighting automation. Your home electrical service professional can help you choose the lighting options you will need in order to create the perfect environment for your living space. Automated lighting can allow you to enjoy a more efficient and convenient household, and it can even help keep you and your family safe. Here’s a look at how automation can change the way you use lighting in your home.

    Ceiling Light

    Increase Your Efficiency

    Homeowners and business owners alike spend a great deal of money on energy, but there are ways that you can reduce your expenses and afford yourself some extra financial flexibility. Remembering to turn off your lights when they’re not being used can be difficult when you have so much else to think about, but automation can help. You can program this type of lighting to turn on at a certain time or shut off after a period of inactivity. You can also control automated lights remotely, so you can always double check to ensure that you are not wasting any energy and money.

    Enhance Your Convenience

    Automated lights are simple and intuitive to control, which adds a new level of convenience to your home. When you find yourself cozied up on the couch and realize that you forgot to turn off your lights, you can simply reach for your remote control—which can even be one of your mobile devices—and adjust the lighting to your desire. You can also set your lights to turn on as night falls so you can return home to a lit up driveway without wasting energy by keeping them on all day.

    Make Your Home Safer

    Your lighting systems can play a substantial role in the safety of your home. A well-lit property can make it difficult for criminals to intrude in or vandalize your home; automated lights can work to your advantage by turning on automatically at a certain time or under certain conditions. Automated lighting can even help you avoid slips and falls on your property.

  • Top Reasons to Install a Generator This Summer

    A handful of different factors come together to keep your home or workplace comfortable, but one element tends to be particularly crucial: electricity. Even the best electrician serving Frederick cannot completely protect you from a regional power outage, but he or she can offer generator repair. A generator will keep your electrical services up and running, even when your locale experiences a blackout. This will keep your home or business running, prevent disasters from occurring, and make your life more convenient. Read on to learn about some of the top reasons to install a generator this summer. Install generator for summer

    Stay Operational During Frequent Blackouts

    Certain areas tend to be more prone to power outages than others. If you are tired of dealing with frequent losses of electricity, it could very well be time to invest in a generator. Blackouts may occur for a variety of reasons, from electrical problems to weather related incidents like thunderstorms and heat waves. It can be difficult or even impossible to keep your business running without power, so a generator can be an extremely worthwhile investment; if you’re on the fence, consider the potential costs of losing business against the one time cost of a generator.

    Avoid Disasters

    Many homes and workplaces make use of certain types of equipment to keep the space safe, sanitary, and efficient. Buildings that are susceptible to flooding may use plumbing tools like sump pumps to keep moisture to a minimum and prevent flooding; however, these mechanisms can fail if the power goes out. Thunderstorms are common culprits for power outages, and rain often accompanies this type of weather event. A generator will ensure that your sump pump or other piece of important equipment continues to function when the power goes out.

    Enjoy a More Convenient Household

    Even if you don’t have any imperative equipment that relies on electricity, a generator is a convenient tool to have. Generators come in different sizes and configurations, and they can offer different amounts of power, so you can find an affordable option that suits the needs of your household or place of business.