• Factors to Consider When Planning a Generator Installation

    When power goes out in your neighborhood, you don’t want to be caught without the electricity needed to power your appliances, lighting, and HVAC system. Installing a backup generator at your Frederick-area home is a great investment and can help to keep you comfortable and safe during a power-outage. Here’s a look at what factors to consider when having a generator installed at your home.

    Portable generator installation at Provident Electric

    Choosing Backup or Portable Generators

    One of the first choices to consider is whether you’d prefer a backup or portable generator . Portable generators may be a more affordable option in the short term, but don’t provide you with the power and convenience of a backup generator. Typically, portable generators will require you to run extension cords throughout your entire home. Additionally, they tend to be noisy and require lots of gasoline to stay running. Backup generators, however, are permanent installations that power your entire home quietly and efficiently. They connect to your home’s propane or natural gas supply, which means you can run them indefinitely until power is restored.

    Safety and Security Factors

    In addition to being a more reliable form of emergency power, backup generators also have a number of safety and security advantages when compared to portable generators. Because backup generators are permanently installed in your home, there’s no risk of them getting stolen. Backup generators are also ideal if you have a home or business security system that relies on electricity to continue running. Finally, portable generators produce toxic carbon monoxide fumes that can be lethal if inhaled. The risk of this happening is low with backup generators since they are designed with exhaust systems.

    Peace of Mind

    Finally, consider the convenience and ease with which a backup generator can protect your home. Portable generators need to be manually filled with fuel, and you’ll have to go through the work of running extension cords throughout your home. Backup generators, on the other hand, start automatically and can keep all your appliances running simultaneously as long as you need the extra power.

  • How Provident Electric Can Help You

    Whether you need a high quality commercial electrical contractor, or just need residential electrical services in Frederic and surrounding areas, make the expert electricians at Provident Electric your first call. We’ve served the Frederick, Maryland area since 2002 with the very best residential and commercial electrical services.

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  • Saving Money With Home Automation

    Ready to bring your home into the 21 st century? Talk to your Frederick area electrician about investing in a home automation system that manages all of your appliances and electronics. Not only can home automation make your home easier to manage, it can also help to improve energy efficiency. This means more money in your pocket every month!

    This video from Angie’s List goes over how home automation systems work and some of the possible options you have for automated electronics . You’ll also learn how you may get great discounts on home insurance, allowing your home automation system to essentially pay for itself! If you have questions, or if you’re worried that your home’s existing electrical system can’t provide the extra juice needed to run an automation system, contact a licensed residential electrician in Frederick.

  • Tips for Planning Your Recessed Lighting Design

    One of the most important parts of any home remodeling project is getting your lighting just right. Installing recessed lighting is a common upgrade in Fredrick area homes, and when done correctly can yield amazing results. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your recessed lighting design looks great in any room.

    Recessed lighting design

    Don’t Go Overboard

    If you’re redoing the lighting in your home, you should look for the right balance between overhead and ambient lighting sources. Overusing recessed lighting in your home can actually be counterproductive. Unless they’re paired with wall lights or ambient lights, recessed lighting will not sufficiently light up a room. This will leave you with a room that still feels dark even with multiple can lights installed.

    Place Recessed Lighting Strategically

    In addition to using a combination of lighting fixtures in a room, also choose the placement of your recessed lighting carefully. For example, instead of placing recessed lighting throughout an entire room, consider placing recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room with ambient light sources at the center. This maximizes the effectiveness of the “spotlight” effect of canned lights without having dark spots in a room.

    Consider Dimmable Lighting

    Talk to your electrician about the possibility of dimmable lighting when installing recessed lights. Dimmable lights are a great way to manage the brightness in a room and control overall mood. Dimming lights can also help to reduce heat output and save electricity.

    Incorporate Task Lighting

    In addition to installing recessed lighting in your home, consider the importance of task lighting in your kitchen, office, or bedroom. Recessed lighting often helps to distribute light over large areas, but may not sufficiently illuminate tables, counter, or vanities. Wall sconces, lamps, and halogen accent lights can complement your recessed lighting layout to improve overall visibility when it really matters.

    Consult Your Electrical Contractor

    Most importantly, work with an expert! Your electrical contractor can advise you on the placement and style of lighting you use for a more efficient and comfortable lighting layout. And of course you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your recessed lighting was installed by a professional for a seamless look and faultless performance.