• Why Should You Consider Home Automation?

    A residential electrician in Frederick can install a home automation system that allows you to control your home’s electrical services remotely, via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. A certified electrician can connect your home’s electrical wiring and appliances to a home automation network that can be accessed by you or any other authorized user at any time, in any place. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider contacting an electrical contractor about setting up home automation today.

    Home automation

    Increases Home’s Safety and Security

    A home automation system affords you complete control over your home’s electrical services via a simple smartphone or tablet app. This means that you can lock doors, turn lights on and off, check footage from your home’s surveillance cameras, and confirm that you turned the oven off before leaving home, all from your office, car, or any other remote location. If your children will be home alone, you can turn on lights, unlock doors, and monitor their whereabouts on security cameras.

    Lowers Your Energy Bills

    A licensed electrician can offer you energy saving tips that you can integrate into your home automation system. For instance, when your thermostat is hooked up to a home automation network, you can make sure that your heating or cooling system is turned off when you’re away. You won’t have to worry that any of your home’s electrical services or appliances will be in use in your absence unless you want them to be. Maintaining complete control over your residential electrical services and appliances connected to your home’s electrical wiring will ensure that you don’t have to pay as much money to your residential electric company.

    It’s Incredibly Convenient

    Once your electrical contractor installs your home automation system, you’ll see how convenient it is. You can control your electrical services from afar, without having to run home any time you forget to turn an appliance off or need to unlock the door for someone. When you’re out of town, you can rest easy knowing that you can still control your home’s electrical services remotely.

  • Spotlight on Recessed Lighting

    Installing recessed lighting in Frederick can make your home more ambient, comfortable, and energy-efficient. An electrical contractor or residential electrician can upgrade your home’s electrical wiring with a simple recessed lighting installation. A recessed lighting installation is ideal for kitchens, home offices, or any other area that doesn’t require bright, direct overhead lighting.

    When you discuss installing recessed lighting with your licensed electrician, you should also ask him for energy saving tips for other residential electrical services. For instance, you can reduce the amount you pay to your residential electric company by using LED lights for your recessed lighting installation. You can also make your home’s electrical services more energy-efficient by asking your master electrician to connect your lights to automated timers or a home automation system.

    Your local electrician can use a recessed lighting installation to draw attention to artwork, accent walls, niches, and any other key design elements in your home. Installing recessed lighting in a hallway or closet will make the area safer and more accessible. A recessed lighting installation using LED bulbs will also reduce your need for electrical repairs and maintenance.

    Recessed Lighting

  • Essential Tips for Your Kitchen Lighting Design

    If you’re considering a remodel of your home’s electrical services and lighting , you should ask a residential electrician for energy saving tips near Frederick. A licensed electrician or local electrician contractor can install recessed lighting or LED lighting in your kitchen that is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and has a long lifespan. Here are some essential, energy saving tips from electricians for your new kitchen lighting design.

    Kitchen lighting design at Provident Electric

    Consider Installing Recessed Lighting

    When a master electrician completes a recessed lighting installation in your kitchen, you can enjoy a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic, and avoid the use of unattractive overhead lighting. Installing recessed lighting can highlight artwork, workspaces, accent walls, kitchen islands, and any other space that doesn’t otherwise get enough light. Recessed lighting installations can reduce your energy bills from your residential electric company, as they do not consume as much energy or emit as much light as other types of lighting fixtures.

    Use LED Lights to Save on Energy Bills

    LED lights are the most energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent, incandescent, or halogen light bulbs. LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find ones that work for your home’s electrical services. LED lighting also requires less maintenance and electrical repairs, so you’ll save money on those costs as well. In addition, LED lights last much, much longer than any other type of light bulb, so you won’t have to replace your bulbs as often. Your local electrician can use LED lights in your recessed lighting installation, or in any other lighting fixtures in your kitchen.

    Utilize Light Timers or a Home Automation System

    You can save electricity and reduce your residential electrical service bills by connecting your home’s electrical wiring to timers or a home automation system. Timers allow you to control the hours per day that your electrical lights are in use, so they won’t be on when you aren’t home. When your lighting is connected to a home automation system, you can turn lights on and off remotely via a smartphone or tablet app.

  • Choosing and Using a Generator

    If you live in an area prone to heavy storms, or if you simply want to be prepared in the event of the loss of your home’s electrical services, you should consult with a residential electrician about generators and generator repair in Frederick . Purchasing a generator for your home is a wise investment that will protect your comfort and safety during a power outage or damage to your home’s electrical wiring. A residential electrician can also provide expert advice and energy saving tips on picking out an energy-efficient generator for your home.

    Watch this video for some tips for choosing and using a generator in your home. After watching, talk to a licensed electrician or electrical contractor about finding the right generator for your needs, and the generator repair, installation, maintenance, inspection, and other electrical repair services he can offer.