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The Benefits of Having a Regular Home Electrical Inspection

The home buying process usually involves hiring a home inspector to check everything out before you buy or sell. What some buyers don’t think about is having a home electrical inspection provided by a licensed electrician. Provident Electric offers home electrical repair services, including electrical inspections for home and business owners in Frederick, MD. After your initial inspection, you should continue to have regular home electrical inspections performed by our residential electricians. Learn more about why this service is so important, and get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

Why You Should Have Routine Electrical Inspections

Faulty wiring and electrical equipment are one of the leading causes of house fires in the United States. While you might not think about having an electrical inspection very often, doing so can be a lifesaver and keep your family safe while avoiding damage to your home or business. Our licensed electricians can perform a checkup of your electrical system, ensuring all wires, appliances, and systems meet safety regulations. If you still aren’t sure if this service is for you, check out these five benefits of routine electrical inspections:

  • Safety – Keeping your family safe is one of the most important things you can do. Damaged electrical wires can cause many problems in your home. A fire may begin with electrical sparking and end up causing significant property damage or injuries to your loved ones or pets. A broken electrical cable can harm electronic devices. This irreversible damage can come from your favorite appliances being overloaded. Routine electrical inspections can prevent these problems from becoming a reality. Healthy wiring can also keep your home safe and secure when the Maryland severe weather rolls around. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and regular inspections can catch all these issues.
  • Efficiency – Your home’s electrical system will continue to run at peak performance with regular home inspections. System efficiency is a big deal because it can save you money and prevent future problems from occurring. Keeping your energy bills low is crucial in these challenging times. An outdated electrical system will use more energy than a newer, more efficient one. Your electronics will perform better and last longer, and your system won’t have to be overloaded to keep everything running. Businesses can also benefit from regular electrical inspections.
  • Money – Saving money is the name of the game in many aspects of our lives. Your electrical system undergoes regular wear and tear, allowing wires to become frayed and exposed. These damaged wires can create sparks that lead to house fires. Electrical systems that do not work correctly can also cause your electronics to fail. You might be reluctant to pay for regular electrical inspections, but doing so can save you money in the form of routine maintenance instead of emergency repair or replacement services. In addition to decreasing your spending on electricity, an efficient system can also reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Electrical Standards – Some cities and neighborhoods have specific electrical standards and codes for home and business owners. Our team understands the local codes, and our inspections will ensure you are up to code so you won’t get in any trouble. Don’t risk legal or electrical trouble. Get your electrical system inspected today.
  • Avoiding Malfunctions – A malfunction with your electric system can be a real headache. While Provident Electric does offer emergency electrical repairs, regular home inspections can help you avoid them. Damaged or frayed wires are often the culprits for electrical problems. They can cause damage to your computers, laptops, cell phones, power outlets, and small appliances. A routine inspection can keep your appliances safe by catching minor issues before they become more significant, costly problems.

Choosing a Licensed Electrician for Your Inspection

Electrical inspections are critical, so choosing the right electrician is crucial. You could attempt to perform your own electrical inspection, but you likely won’t know what to look for or have the experience of a licensed electrician. A local handyman could attempt to perform a home electrical inspection, but they’ll usually fall short as well. Check out these reasons why only a licensed electrician should perform your home inspection:

  • Safety First – Electricity should not be taken lightly. Becoming a licensed electrician in the United States requires more than 8,000 hours of training. The average home service panel provides 200 amps, so having someone monkeying around with it without the experience and expertise is a recipe for disaster.
  • Saving Time – Having an unlicensed electrician perform a home inspection is likely a waste of time, and you’ll probably end up needing to have a licensed electrician do it again. A licensed electrician knows exactly what to look for and will easily identify any potential problems.
  • More Affordable – You may be tempted to cut corners by doing your own electrical inspection or paying a handyman 20 bucks, but you’ll end up having to hire a licensed professional electrician to do it right. Getting the job done right the first time will save you money.
  • Avoiding Liability – A licensed electrician has liability insurance, so they are covered if they get injured while performing any electrical work. Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover you for DIY electrical work.
  • Accountability – A licensed electrician is held accountable by the Maryland electrical division, so they are required to stay up to code. This includes electrical repairs, replacements, maintenance, and inspections. Licensed electricians are also covered by a surety bond requiring them to perform all electrical work correctly.
  • Qualifications – Licensed electricians are required to undergo a lot of testing and training, starting as an apprentice under a qualified master electrician. All that means they know their stuff and won’t miss anything during an inspection. Licensed electricians are required to complete thousands of hours as a trainee, compared to a local handyman who may only have a basic understanding of electrical systems.

Schedule Your Electrical Inspection Today

Provident Electric has been voted the best electrician in Frederick, and we also serve home and business owners in Mt. Airy, Germantown, and Westminster, MD. We complete large and small projects and offer residential and commercial electrical services. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.